To improve cancer patient lives

Our mission is guided by our core values

Scientific Integrity

We believe that scientific integrity is in our blood. We understand that patient lives depend on our scientific outcomes and because of such hold them to the highest regard. We practice scientific integrity through rigorous documentation of experimentation and results and in showing all of our data, not just those that are in our favor.

Bias Towards Action

We believe that progress comes before perfection and we are not afraid to fail. Through iterating quickly and moving past failures, we are able to reach our goals and ultimately find success.


We believe that transparency should be practiced and that we must have ownership over our actions and decisions. This means admitting when we’re wrong, soliciting feedback from others to grow, and taking action when you see something that needs done. As a steward of Known Medicine, creating context awareness and delegating while empowering others maintains transparency and strengthens team and individual ownership.

Patient Centricity

Known Medicine understands the patient impact each of our experiments, products, and partnerships yield. We ensure that we do no harm by prioritizing patient safety as we design and execute our work and present our results in the context of patients. We foster relationships with the patient community and prioritize improving patient lives.


We believe curiosity allows for both incremental and monumental advances in improving patient lives. Remaining aligned with company goals, curiosity should be explored through sharing of unsolved mysteries and the willingness to try suggested solutions, problem solving
sessions, and trial and error. New technologies, ideas, and products are celebrated.


We believe flexibility allows us to move fast and create a large impact. This means we understand that needs change, pivot when necessary, embrace role changes, and maintain context awareness. We understand that project success does not equal personal success and forward movement of the Known Medicine mission, even if that means a change in plans, is our ultimate goal.


We exhibit kindness in everything we do and say. We practice mutual respect, offer constructive feedback to help each other grow, foster diversity and inclusion in a tangible way, and give back to the community. We bring our authentic selves to work and have fun to create an enjoyable place to be and we accept others for who they are.


We believe in being audacious - we take risks and do things others have yet to try or even imagine. We suggest and explore new concepts, support boldness in ourselves and others, and dare to generate new biological, computational, and clinical insights.