We produce patient-specific 3D organoids at scale to determine the best cancer patients for new drugs. As of today, just 3% of oncology drugs will go from Phase I clinical trials to on-market. Among the most common reasons for drug failure is lack of proven efficacy in the target population. Traditional biomarkers improve outcomes in select cases, but more often cannot discriminate between responders and non-responders.  

Our platform determines how cancer patients will respond to drug treatments. We use functional outcomes of patient tissue in conjunction with genomic, proteomic, and immune profiling data. We are able to determine which patient subpopulations will respond best to new drugs and further, understand why.

Through in-licensing and partnership, Known Medicine is developing drugs with the ability to determine the best patients for each discovered drug.

Drug Discovery

Our goal is understanding the variable response of every cancer to drug treatment. We capture a detailed picture: response in our patient-specific 3D organoids, genomics, proteomics, and immune profile. With every patient tumor sample we develop a deeper understanding of cancer biology. These data points allow us to identify novel targets and develop new chemical entities.

Understanding the biology of individual patient cancers enables us to discover drugs faster.

Drug Development

Partner with us to further develop your drugs. Our platform is well suited for determining the best patient populations for drug treatments and identifying key biomarkers.

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Multicenter Consortium

Interested in helping Known Medicine determine the best treatment for every cancer patient? Join Known Medicine’s Multicenter Consortium as a clinical site, oncologist, or patient. Through partnership you will gain access to our Known 3Dx™ Test Kit in which we collect patient tumor samples (lung, colorectal, and others) and test them against the most common standard of care drugs to determine treatment success using our proprietary 3D organoid platform, ODIN™.

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