Known Medicine Team

Nika Belova

Associate Scientist

Marina Dektereva

Associate Scientist - Team Lead

Taylor Krebs, PhD

Senior Scientist

Angela Larsen

Senior Manager of Clinical and Laboratory Operations

Andrea Mazzocchi, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Britt McPartland

Senior Director of People and Site Operations

Ian Miller

Senior Automation Engineer

Elizabeth Mitchell, PhD

Senior Scientist

Brandon Nichols

Staff Software Engineer

Katie-Rose Skelly, MS

Co-founder and CTO

Jennifer Sloboda

Data Scientist/Software Engineer

Preston Smith

Research Associate II

Courtney Thomas

Research Associate II

Charlotte Mae Waits, PhD

Clinical and Scientific Communications Manager

JD White

Software Engineer

Jody Yarbrough

Fractional CFO

Advisory Board

Kristen Fortney, PhD

Co-founder & CEO, BioAge Labs

Imran Haque, PhD

VP Data Science, Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Vishesh Khanna, MD

Stanford Department of Hematology/Oncology

Trudy Oliver, PhD

Associate Professor at University of Utah; Huntsman Cancer Institute Endowed Chair in Cancer Research

Krister Wennerberg, PhD

Professor at Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen