Known Medicine
July 19, 2021

Known Medicine CEO, Dr. Andrea Mazzocchi, discusses the future of lung cancer precision medicine on Lungcast™

Lung cancer treatment is on the precipice of unheralded advancement in its field. The intersection of advanced diagnostics, targeted immunotherapy, and implementation of artificial intelligence-borne pathology has created a possibility of concise, individualized care.

Or, as many refer to it, precision medicine.

In this newest episode of Lungcast, American Lung Association (ALA) chief medical officer Al Rizzo, MD, sits down with Andrea Mazzocchi, PhD, co-founder and chief executive officer of Known Medicine, and adjunct professor at Wake Forest University.

After reviewing the ever-long beneficial teachings of Persian scientist Avicenna and his influence on modern precision medicine, Rizzo and Mazzocchi discuss the ins and outs of emerging lung cancer tools and capabilities.

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