Known Medicine
November 1, 2022

Docs and Drug Discovery

Known Medicine aims to improve the lives of cancer patients by working with clinicians and networks to obtain tumors. These tumors are then used to create thousands of 3D organoids and tested with hundreds of drugs and drug combinations to determine which organoid responds to which treatment, and why. As part of our registered clinical trial, our clinician partners act as a cornerstone in advancing our technology. Patient Centricity is a core value of Known Medicine, which is why we ensure that we do no harm by prioritizing patient safety as we design and execute our work and present our results in the context of patients. We foster relationships with the patient community and prioritize improving patient lives.

Our clinicians and their research teams screen potential candidates for our study, provide treatment, and critical follow up information regarding their disease progression. Without these partners, our technology would be limited to “what if” instead of predicting patient response to treatment. We offer compensation for study staff time, sample procurement, and provide materials for shipping solid tumors and matched blood samples to our lab in Salt Lake City. We also already have a universal IRB and protocol approved to ensure our collaboration is streamlined and beneficial to both parties. 

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