Planting Roots in Utah

Known Medicine was founded in early 2020 and quickly found its home in Salt Lake City, UT. Although neither myself nor my co-founder Katie-Rose is originally from SLC, the decision to headquarter the company in Salt Lake was made for many reasons, and only after settling have we been able to appreciate the magnitude of this choice.

We were initially driven by the resources available to us. Founded during the pandemic, we were looking for affordable lab and office space in a location Katie-Rose and I were both drawn to. With limited initial funding, we worked with Altitude Lab before their space was finished to have our first home. We were introduced to the space through Katie-Rose’s prior work experience at Recursion Pharmaceuticals and the resource was unlike any other available in Utah or nationally. We were grant recipients which allowed both space and programming to be provided to us at no cost or equity. This opportunity allowed us to quickly scale our wet lab platform and develop methods crucial to its success. This ultimately set us up for a strong seed fundraise, which included investments from Utah-local, Kickstart Seed Fund, and Chris Gibson, CEO at Recursion Pharmaceuticals.

Starting from just the two of us, we’ve expanded our team to 12 with members from the area as well as many from out of state. Located in the University of Utah Research Park, we have been able to source local talent and offer startup amenities not common in the area. To those moving to the state, we have the values and drive of an early-stage company and the benefit of having hiking and mountain biking trailheads just 5 minutes from our office. Salt Lake City has much to offer to potential employees interested in Known Medicine including world-class skiing within 45 minutes of downtown, affordable living, and lively neighborhoods. We understand that the success of Known Medicine is the sum of each of our team members' successes. Each person’s drive, values, happiness, and individual success propels the progression of Known Medicine and our goal of improving the lives of cancer patients. Our local investors and the biotech community, especially BioUtah and the BioHive, have also been incredible resources. They have created an inclusive environment for early-stage companies to connect and thrive and have become our team members in advancing Utah biotech.

Ultimately, being in Utah has allowed us to be part of a talented, tight-knit biotech community and build a team unlike any other. We are grateful to be part of such a unique ecosystem and look forward to building the future of biotech in Utah!

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